Bartók's Miraculous Mandarin (ballet)

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With Bartók’s Miraculous Mandarin (ballet) we are having similar problem as with opera works: there’s multiple ways to split it. Wikipedia mentions 8 parts for it, score at IMSLP has 111 tempo markings for it, in MB we are having 23 parts:

List of recordings of full ballet we have in MB:

tracks: performers
8: CBSO & Rattle
8: Detroit SO & Dorati
9: Philharmonia & N. Järvi
11: Wiener Philharmoniker & Dohnányi
11: Budabest FO & Fischer
11: OS de Montréal & Dutoit
11: Chicago SO & Boulez
12: NYP & Boulez
12: Bournemouth SO & Alsop
12: LPO & Welser-Möst
14: LSO & Abbado
23: Royal Concertgebouw & Chailly
23: BBC SO & Dorati

I’m planning to remove (merge to master work) all work parts and have all recordings as partial recordings of complete ballet. Is there’s someone who disagrees with my decision? Asking here because most of the editors wouldn’t notice this during the voting period.


After reading up about it - it’s a ballet with one long act - I got a copy of the score and examined it. There are no discernable breaks in the music that would be characteristic of a movement IMHO. Based on that I agree with the approach you propose taking.