Bands that change their names

Yesterday, I was adding to a band that started as one name (with releases), changed it’s name (with releases). Then, after a brief “hiatus”, came back with a 3rd name (no releases yet, just live performances). Only one name is listed, but the disambiguous says formerly another name.

What is the proper way to write/add this?

And I have a band I would like to add. They started as a duo, just using their individual names. Then they became “John Smith, Jane Doe, and friends” which was the duo and whoever they got to join them on any particular night. But then they became “John Smith and the Jane Does”, which is now an organized set of performers.

How do I handle these situations? One band, numerous names.

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You can add the various names as aliases with dates. You should also change the artist name to whatever their current (or last, if they’ve broken up) name is, but leave existing artist credits intact.