Band with dual spelling name and release

There’s a greek band (Γκιντίκι/Gidiki) that released an album in may 2023 which uses both greek and latin spelling for their name and tracks.

I have the original CD, where the name of the band on the front cover is spelled with greek characters, but the tracks are spelled using greek and latin characters. Also, on the streaming services that I could check they use the latin spelling and the front cover has their name spelled with latin characters.

Here’s how the CD cover looks:

Spotify album page: Ahoy - Album by Gidiki | Spotify
Tidal album page: TIDAL

This is very confusing for me. I added the release and used their existing record for the band name - spelled in greek, but I used the latin spelling for the track names.

So, what would be the best way to approach this? Is there a way to add an alternate spelling to the band name/tracks?


I would set all Official release titles and artists as genuine Greek script (as printed).
And then I would create pseudo-releases for Latin tracklists (titles and artists, as printed also, in this case):


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I’m going to modify the original release in greek script and add a pseudo-release in latin script.


I would say the adding a pseudo-release is optional, but I would at least add the Latin script names as aliases.

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