Band performs under one name but releases music between two streaming accounts: same or seperate artists?

Against the Current - MusicBrainz started off as a cover band, then branched out into doing their own stuff too. On Spotify their covers are under ATC and their own stuff is under Against the Current. Currently they’re the same artist on MusicBrainz, is that correct or should they be separated since they’re separate on streaming?

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it seems they’re the same project, as I see both names on the album artwork for both Spotify artists. however, I also don’t see any issue with splitting the artists either.

one thing to note, if an artist is credited by a different name at a URL for whatever reason, you can go to their relationships page, click [info] next to the relevant link, and edit the artist credit there. it’s also helpful for finding duplicate MusicBrainz artists or two different artists on the same Spotify page (like was apparently the case with ATC, as I found and fixed here)


Thinking about this some more, I think a good compromise might be to leave them the same artist, but go through all the release groups for covers and update the artist credit on those release group to ATC.

Didn’t know about the relationship credit for URLs, that’s very useful, thanks! That other artist seems to have incorrectly been linked.


excellent plan~ :ok_hand:

well, the other ATC might have originally been on that Spotify page. it doesn’t happen often, but it does happen for common or short names. for example, the dubstep artist Alex S. has releases on their Spotify page (and Apple Music/Deezer) that aren’t theirs, like a Jazz album from 1997 (before they were active), or a Drum 'n Bass album from 2016 (after they stopped using the alias).

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Looking in Wayback I don’t see that band (could just not be on the main page) but it does look like there was another artist named ATC that used to share that Spotify page lol. And the other ATC linked on MusicBrainz apparently got sued by the artist ATB and had to change their name to A Touch of Class. Confusion all around I guess.

Thanks for the help!