Avoid linking to individual pages when the site is already linked? [STYLE-362]

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We have a ticket asking whether we should avoid linking to sub-sections of an official homepage as biography, discography page, etc, when the homepage is already linked as such:

There are a few comments on the ticket, and on the edit that caused the ticket to be added: please take a look at those before deciding :slight_smile:

What do people think we should do?

  • Block linking to subpages of the official site
  • Allow linking anywhere that matches, even if part of the official site
  • Allow linking under certain conditions (specify in comments)

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I think this is very individual. and in some cases it makes total sense not to link subparts of a website, and in others t makes total sense to do so. so I believe it must be done on a case by case basis.

however a rough consensus could be formed: like it could be ok to link to subsections maybe if the website is that of several artists (a label site), has separate highly detailed subdomains; etc


As I said on the ticket, there are cases when it’s necessary to link different sub sections of the site (in my example, an incorrect link on the official page). The first item in the poll makes it sound like linking a subpage would be programatically blocked, that you couldn’t enter the edit at all. As a guideline, though, it seems fine. Maybe even a tick box like for adding artists of the same name, saying something to the effect of “yes, I have a good reason for linking to a subpage of the official homepage”


I think encouraging more complex data/connections at this stage is good.
I can imagine it, for instance, being useful to display as a sub-link of the ‘homepage’ link, perhaps one that you have to expand or similar (which could be eventually automated, by checking for links that contain the same domain). But since MB is meant to be as machine readable as possible I think it’s a good idea to allow it for now. I imagine most people are re-linking bits of a site only when it’s appropriate though…