Availablity of 64-bit version of Picard on Windows

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Hey all, im a newbie here, and have been playing around with Picard (32bit on a Win10 x64 8 core machine) now for about a month, slowly working my way through a library of over 100,000 files (reading other forum posts, I know this is going to take months if not years to complete as im manually importing small groups of files at a time and manually modifying/correcting the metadata in the process and have only knocked over about 1000 files so far)…

Anyhow, I’m just curious, given the abundance of machines running x64 OS since Windows 7 (thinking primarily OEM installs) with multi-core processors. when will a true 64bit version of Picard will be made available, as I’ve noted on my AMD 8-core machine that Picard is only using 1 core (roughly 14% total CPU), thereby in itself limiting its processing speed and ability which in turn is slowing down the process of importing/modifying/correcting and saving the updated files (with the primary slowdowns being around importing, clustiering, doing lookups and/or scanning), especially when working with large volumes of files.


Can’t say right now if somebody had already looked into creating a 64 bit package of Picard for Windows, but my guess is that it would not really bring much of an performance improvement.

For Picard the bottleneck is not the CPU. The slow parts are the network requests and writing the files to disk when saving.

The network requests to MusicBrainz are rate limited, and the number of requests per album also depends on the plugins and options you’ve enabled.

Saving the files can be rather fast, when Picard only needs to rewrite the tag parts, but it can be slow when Picard needs to rewrite the entire files (especially if it is a large file like FLAC) and/or the files are stored on network storage.

Maybe if you can describe which steps are especially slow for you we can come up with improvements.