Automatically tagging music

How to make musicbrainz Picard automatically tag iTunes music library missing song info and export updated info back into iTunes without duplicates on windows 11

For such a general “how to” question about at least 3 involved apps, the first answer I can give you is
“Not possible”.

If you ask for some specific problems with MB Picard, I’m sure we can help you to use and adjust Picard settings.

What exactly do you need to know?

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That has been the topic of many threads on the forum before. It is not something that is easy to do as Apple don’t expect you to change files outside of their app. So really you need to delete things from iTunes and add them back in.

Not really something Picard can do.

I would suggest an app called SongKong. It uses the MusicBrainz and Discogs databases and automatically tags all your music and even updates your iTunes database in the process. Note: It’s not free, but depending on the size of your music collection, it may be well worth it.

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I make use of it as well.
very strongly advised