Automatically delete surplus songs in directory

Hey, lots of my directories (albums) have songs which are surplus to the album. I remove these by right-clicking (which i don’t think actually deletes the file) within Picard and ‘removing’. Once ‘removed’ I get a nice gold album icon with a star. I then save and upload directory to my Kodi connected NAS.

I think by doing this I am uploaded surplus songs (files) to my NAS. I suspect these don’t show up in Kodi, but i’m not 100%.

Is there any way Picard can delete these surplus files from my NAS so i only store the songs as per Picard’s database of what songs are part of the album?

Cheers, G.

Choose a separate base directory, then re-save the releases. Picard will move the matched files to the new location and leave the unmatched ones behind. Delete the remaining folders from the old location and move (or rename) everything back the way it was.