Automatically closing the application


while searching for the tags app automatically closed, When I tried several times but same issue, I restarted my PC and checked but the issue was the same, as the mentioned error

E: 21:53:48,057 util/pipe.send_to_pipe:274: pipe sender exception: (2, ‘CreateFile’, ‘The system cannot find the file specified.’)

I assume that you’re running on Windows, but which version, and which version of Picard? There have been some issues with the named pipe handling on some Windows systems under certain conditions, and this is being corrected.

Until then, try starting the program with the -s parameter, as:

C:\Program Files\MusicBrainz Picard\picard.exe -s

That should open the program in stand-alone mode and avoid the “pipe” code.

Does the error show when it is crashing, or is this shown everytime?

The crash might also be related to [PICARD-2734] Crash with Lookup on singular tracks under certain circumstances - MetaBrainz JIRA and [PICARD-2724] Crash in track search dialog if artist name translation is enabled - MetaBrainz JIRA (both seem to be essentially the same issue, already fixed in development branch). Do you have artist name translation enabled? For which searches does the crash happen?