Automatically add cover art?

So i have looked around and cannot quite figure this out. When I “lookup” my cluster it doesnt add the cover art to the files. WHen I go to “Lookup in Browser” and i click on the “tagger” icon, and drag the cluster over to the right pane, it still doesnt add cover art. what am i missing? im wanting to make this whole process as automated as possible without having to edit every single file…

Can you provide any specifics (like the release id and your coverart settings)? It’s possible that there isn’t any coverart attached to the release you’re retrieving.

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I am new to all this so I dont have all the answers to your questions. I am on the latest release of picard and i dont know what the cover art settings are… there is cover art on the webpage i am looking at when i do a lookup in browser and as far as anything else, i dont know why it wont automatically add the coverart when i just hit “lookup” . Any direction would be highly appreciated

You can configure if and from where cover art gets loaded in Options > Cover Art. To get the cover art you see on the MusicBrainz website you need to enable the Cover Art Archive. You also need to choose whether Picard will save the cover art in the tags or as a separate file or both.

There are also alternative cover art sources available as plugins. Under Options > Plugins you can download cover art plugins to use, or Amazon. The process to enable cover art plugins is currently a bit awkward: Once you have downloaded and enabled the plugins you need to save the options window, then go back to Options > Cover Art and enable the sources there.


Daft question - but are you hitting “SAVE”? That is the point when the artwork is actually stored with your files. Or if “embed cover art” is selected, then the image is added into the MP3 itself.