Autoeditors and bouncing emails


For several autoeditor elections now (and in some cases, for years already) some old, inactive autoeditor addresses have been bouncing all mails. We had a talk with the team during today’s weekly meeting, and we decided it’s time to revoke the auto-editor status from those editors. None of them had edited for many years, so it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

More generally, we are adding a new section to the MusicBrainz editors’ code of conduct:

Remain reasonably active. If you become inactive and your email bounces repeatedly, we reserve the right to inactivate your auto-editor status. If you become active again, please contact us so we can re-add the privileges. Also, if you are inactive for long enough that you feel you might not be up to date with the latest guideline changes, make sure to review any relevant guidelines before editing using your auto-editor privileges.

Keep this in mind for the future, and do please try to make sure your email works reasonably well if you want to remain an auto-editor :slight_smile: Don’t worry that we will immediately remove your privileges if one email fails to reach you, but if you notice this has happened, just try to resolve the situation and you shouldn’t have any issues!