Autoeditor election: tigerman325

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As suggested by @michelv in a different thread (based on a name-drop by @paulakreuzer), I’ve filed a formal nomination for @tigerman325 to become an auto-editor. He’s generally level-headed and is very thorough with his edits.


Here is the link:


Congrats @tigerman325! You’ve been added to the #musicbrainz:autoeditors group on the forums as well, so you can now post in here.

As a new autoeditor you may not previously have paid much attention to the “Auto-Editors” section of the MusicBrainz Code of Conduct, so I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to go review that document.

Remember, even as an AE, you’re not expected to know everything, so you’re still always very welcome to ask questions! :slight_smile:


Thanks for electing me. I’ll do my best to follow what I’ve learned on here the past 4 years and will definitely still ask questions if I’m unsure about anything. I’ll get familiar with the section you are referring to as well.