AutoEditor Election: TheBookkeeper

Just nominated @TheBookkeeper to autoeditor election:

This editor has a lot of edits since 2014, is quite active, has good communication, and respect guidelines.
He was also listed in Call for nominating new autoeditors (AE)

@reosarevok: emails please :slight_smile:


Bookkeeper does a lot of “menial” style edits; moving things wrong wrongly credited instruments (family and membranophone (oh my)) adding dates, merging recordings (which aren’t autoedits anyway) and I believe they were fairly active during our classical cleanups (iirc?)

Anyway these are all things that would benefit from more automation - infact if there were any problematic edits (Not that I’ve seen many of those anyway) it will be easier to spot these should BK become an autoeditor.


Congrats @TheBookkeeper! You’ve been added to the Autoeditors group on the forums as well, so you can now post in here.

Remember, even as an AE, you’re not expected to know everything, so you’re still always very welcome to ask questions! :slight_smile:


Freso, thank you for your congratulations.
Yes you are completely right, i should have asked why i had no “reply button” short after the election :wink:
So i thanked all here: