Autoeditor election: rdswift

I’ve just nominated @rdswift for becoming an autoeditor:

@rdswift is a thorough editor that doubts himself way too frequently and as a result often seeks out help on the areas about editing he’s unsure of—he himself thinks this speaks to him being too inexperienced to be a good AE, but I believe the contrary: he knows where to look to find things he’s unsure of, or if that fails who or where to ask.

He’s a positive and helpful voice both here on the forums and in our IRC channels, and he was a tremendous help during our 2018 Google Code-in. I think he’s an excellent candidate for joining the AE roster.

(Leaving it to @reosarevok to send out mails now, as per current procedure. :slight_smile: )


@rdswift is one of those editors i didn’t think to nominate or suggest - because I thought he must surely already be an autoeditor. :​D
I agree with all of freso’s assessments and, can add that rdswift is also open to learning new things and keeping an open mind to other ways of interpretating things - having worked with him during gci I very much agree that he would be an useful AutoEditor addition :​D


Congrats @rdswift! You’ve been added to the Autoeditors group on the forums as well, so you can now post in here.

Remember, even as an AE, you’re not expected to know everything, so you’re still always very welcome to ask questions! :slight_smile:


Thank-you, and thanks to everyone who participated in the election. I hope that my contributions continue to warrant the trust that the community has shown in me.