Autoeditor election: MrAndrewPalace

I just nominated @MrAndrewPalace to become an autoeditor in

He is a very prolific editor from Colombia who has been doing much needed cleanup and enhancements to mostly tropical artists (salsa, reggaeton, merengue, bachata, etc) but also Latin American rock artists. He is fluent in both in English and Spanish and is very receptive to feedback, taking into account the style guidelines and modifying his edits based on what others point out. He is also not shy and politely points out when he sees an edit that does not look right to him. He’s been an editor for over 18 months and I think he would make a good autoeditor.


Congrats @MrAndrewPalace! You’ve been added to the Autoeditors group on the forums as well, so you can now post in here.

Remember, even as an AE, you’re not expected to know everything, so you’re still always very welcome to ask questions! :slight_smile:


Thanks to all the supporters. I’ll continue making my job in here as I’m used to.

Now, you mention questions, I always have had one…
I’ve seen some editors make massive merges of recordings with something (I think it’s a script). How do they do that ?


I only know a script to merge into oldest MBID (

The rest is done manually (checking artists, title, ETI, length, AcoustIDs, userdata at AcoustID for each recording). Only merging if I have no doubt about it. Sometimes tricky, because ETIs are not always correct or printed on cover. In that case, not to merge is sometimes better.


There is MERGE HELPOR 2, indeed.
But I think you saw many edits from MASS MERGE RECORDINGS that allows merging recordings from similar tracklists (several editions of the same album), mainly. :slight_smile:


You will need a script manager plugin to run the script from your browser. I personally use Tampermonkey but there are others available.