AutoEditor Election: Jesus2099

I just nominated @jesus2099 to autoeditor elections:

This editor is well known by the community, mostly due to his userscripts, but is also very active as an editor, usually helpy to users, and respect guidelines.

He was also listed in Call for nominating new autoeditors (AE)

@reosarevok: emails please :slight_smile:


I was thinking sunday and also yesterday to nominate him myself. based on the discussion in the thread but also my own experience with him.
only reason i didn’t was because i wasn’t actually sure if it was kosher to just go a-head and nominate clear favourites from that thread!

I deff support this nomination ︎ ︎:)


I actually reached out to @jesus2099 at the same time I reached out to @rdswift and jesus requested to get feedback from the some of “opponents” of his previous nominations. Did you contact them before nominating him?


Nope, i wasn’t aware of “opponents”, at least in recent history.

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Congrats @jesus2099! You’ve been added to the Autoeditors group on the forums as well, so you can now post in here.

Remember, even as an AE, you’re not expected to know everything, so you’re still always very welcome to ask questions! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! :kissing_heart:
I think it’s now about time that I type my small entry in the Introduction thread.