Auto Editor Election - stupidname

I nominate stupidname for auto-editor election. He’s been editing over half a million edits during 6 years. Now when (classical) community cleanup for August (Debussy) started he’s done over 21 000 edits during one week!

Stupidname edits mostly classical music and knows the guidelines extremely well. I have voted for thousands of his edits and only have good things to say based on what I’ve seen. I’ve contacted him couple of times via edit notes and every time he’s been responding during the same day.

I did contact stupidname before the nomination and he’s willing to be nominated.

Link to the election:


For what it’s worth, I think @stupidname has been doing a fantastic work for years and I’m very happy to see him proposed :slight_smile:


It seems we have a new auto-editor! Congrats @stupidname and thanks everyone for voting!


And I’ve added @stupidname to the @MB_Autoeditors group now too, so you should be able to write in here now as well. :wink:

Congratulations once more!