Auto-editor election: (MB profile) is a great ‘technical’ editor with a huge amount of edits over a couple of years, and with previous experience in other community sites (I think it shows).

Barely has any failed/voted down edits, responds to any issues that arise, and always happy to have a chat, be it on edit notes or on the forums, where he is very active.

An aside, his reviews on Critique Brainz are well worth reading too :grin:

Election 362!


Given that there are far more auto-edits than votable ones this is hardly surprising:

Total 127,844
Accepted 11,853
Auto-edits 115,886
Total applied 127,739

The majority of votable ones were cover art additions (>8,600) which are generally less voted upon anyway.
Ca. 7,700 cover art additions were not positively voted.
Of the remaining non-cover art edits ca. 1,100 were also not positively voted.


Yes, their edits are largely ‘technical’ - heaps of work related stuff, lots of auto edits.

Is that bad? :thinking:

edit: mainly asking because I’m keen for feedback on my nomination as well - this is my first one, so let me know if there’s something I should have checked