Auto-editor election: silentbird

I am happy to propose @silentbird for automod election.

Behind this poetic name is an editor who started editing almost 10 years ago in the field of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China pop music.

silentbird writes edit notes.

I don’t have many Chinese releases, but the ones I have are very much beloved, and each time I edited there or added existing release to my collection, silentbird was already there and provided very complete help and interesting explanations about Chinese context and language when edit note discussion was needed.

silentbird is one of my very interesting, helpful and reliable fellow editors.
I am happy to have crossed several excellent editors like silentbird, specialists in their own music fields. You who read me, you know who you are. :wink:
I can’t cite your names because you are many and I’m too afraid of forgetting some in the small time of a post.

I asked silentbird before this nomination. :smiley: :+1:


Hi @reosarevok, could you please add silentbird to the Discourse AE group? Maybe there are other stuff to do, also.

Congratulations @silentbird and welcome to the auto editor group!


Hi! I can do that, but please, next time contact me directly ASAP so I will send the emails notifying all autoeditors that an election is happening. It’s a lot easier for me to miss a forum post (like I did this one).

Anyway, there were still a fair amount of votes here so it wasn’t the end of the world this time. Welcome, @silentbird! I’ve added you to the group.


Oh I didn’t know, I will do it next time!
It’s the first time that I could propose someone!


Thanks everyone! Can’t believe it’s been nearly 10 years since my first edit


Time runs fast :slight_smile: It’s great to have you around.