Auto-editor election: q_fdb

Hi all! I’m putting forward a new candidate for auto-editor.

Today’s candidate has been working hard to improve our coverage and data quality on Belgian artists, leaves good edit notes as required, is very responsive to feedback, and most importantly takes responsibility for improving contributions by other editors (something we always need). They are not yet very active as a voter, but I guess this can be an incentive to improve on that.

I reached out and they said they were up for the challenge, so let’s give it a vote!

Link to the election: Auto-editor election #363 - MusicBrainz


@Freso / @reosarevok: turnout is lower than usual at this stage. Would it be possible to ping autoeditors?

Sorry, I’ll send the emails, I didn’t see this earlier :slight_smile:


The election is now successfully closed. Thanks everyone for voting and congratulations to our new auto-editor @q_fdb! And happy holidays everyone.