Auto-editor election: ms0010

Hello all! Time for the first auto-editor election in over 6 months.

The editor I am proposing today has been around for less than 3 years, but they already have a very respectable editing record. They are mostly active on Japanese artists, draft detailed edit notes and make conscientious use of user scripts. In recent times, they started to be more active as a voter, showing good judgment there too.

In short, I think they would make a great addition to the auto-editor team. I reached out to them and they expressed interest, so let’s give it a vote!

Link to the election: Auto-editor election #328 - MusicBrainz


I didn’t cross ms0010’s path often enough to know exactly, but each time @ms0010 edits I saw or commented my edits were super helpful and important fixes.

It seems ms0010 edits and edit reviews are always very researched, smart and thoughtful.


Replying a bit late as I was travelling, but the election was closed successfully earlier this week. Thanks everyone for voting and congratulations to our new auto-editor @ms0010!


Congrats @ms0010!!

Loved looking through some of your edits, such an asset :heart_eyes:


Congrats @ms0010! I’ve added you to the autoeditor group here on the forums, so you should be able to post in this topic as well now. :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Freso, @salo.rock, @jesus2099, @aerozol and everyone who participated in the poll.

I’m happy to be able to join, and contribute to MB as a native Japanese speaker.