Auto Editor Election - Loujin

Hey everyone,

I have nominated @loujin for election and as per the recent blog post ( I would like to explain the reasons:

I have been following Loujin for quite some time and his edits have always been of high quality and in significant numbers (edit count over 300,000 I think). Loujin has also developed a number of scripts to help with the edit process (for the boring bits), and has been very helpful to me when I have requested it.

Most of you would already have received an email about the election, but some of you may have not. There are already [reosarevok edit: quite a few votes], and thanks to and @reosarevok for being seconders.

In short, I believe Loujin deserves the little extra freedom that being an Autoeditor allows, and commend him to you all.

Cheers for reading, Andrew (MajorLurker)

Ooops forgot the link:


Is there anything one needs to do to be marked as an autoeditor for posting purposes here?

Nevermind, I found it:

It seemed to go pretty well with this new (albeit temporary) system. 48 votes, one of the highest for a while, indicates that plenty of people got the message. Thanks everybody.

Voting in this election is now closed: loujin has been accepted as an auto-editor. Congratulations!


Thanks everyone who voted for me :slight_smile:


Congratulations @loujin :+1: :smile: