Auto-editor election: kellnerd

I propose @kellnerd (MB profile) to be elected as auto-editor.

Link to election:

One of my first encounters with them were very positive:

They are eager to learn new things and due to their quick-wittedness have since attained a clear grasp of the style guidelines.

Loads and loads of edits fixing style and whatnot, especially audio dramas and books.
At one time I was able to approve 1000s of edits for several days. (J.K Rowling :D)

Pays close attention when uploading cover art to existing releases and generally leaves good edit notes.

Where things aren’t as clear style-wise they don’t intend to push through their changes but involve the community and try to reach consensus:

Gives tips for more optimal workflows:

Goes back to their old contributions when they’ve learned about something how to improve it:

Another huge plus is their regular voting activity (rarely see them drop from weekly stats, if ever) leaving well-reasoned notes when voting No. Tends to catch even the slightest details and gives positive feedback to beginners.

And if it hasn’t been clear already they’re also active in the forum, explaining things, picking up bug reports and file tickets, etc.

Finally, they are contributing code to MB and related projects

Given all the above I think they would make a perfection addition to the auto-editor team.


Voting has ended.
Congratulations @kellnerd, you got elected as new auto-editor.


Now that I finally can reply to this topic, I think it is time to say thank you to the community :clap:

First of all, a special thank you to @chaban for nominating me as an auto-editor, it means a lot to me. Especially because you showed me a lot during my first year as an editor and taught me many of the essential tricks (and still do).
Also, thanks to all who supported my nomination and participated in the election for your trust, I will honor the priviledge you gave me.
And, last but not least, a huge thank you to all the active participants in this forum, you have been a great help. I owe you a lot and have learned many things here that were not explained in the docs.

After all these months I am still only at the beginning of adding my collection to MusicBrainz, because there are already so many items in the DB you can spend a lot of time tweaking them… So expect me to be around for many more months :sweat_smile: