Auto-editor election: IvanDobsky

I have been considering to do this nomination for a while now, but never got around to it so far. After the recent disaster with the elections nobody knew about, I think it is time to give @IvanDobsky a fair chance to be elected :slight_smile:

They have been a community member since 2017 (at least) and have submitted lots of edits. Besides being a (very) regular editor, they are also an active voter and member of this forum which is very engaged in sharing their knowledge, helping new community members and making them feel welcome.

Unlike many editors, they edit not only for their own needs but also follow the connections “down the rabbit hole” and help to clean up related entities or follow editing/voting requests by others.
Usually their edits are based on very thorough research which can be found in entity annotations and edit notes. For longer series of similar edits, their edit notes may be getting a bit sparser over time, but you can always ask for more details since they are very responsive (which often results into longer edit note discussions which are both informative and funny).
It’s not unusual that they enter lots of edits to tidy an artist’s discography from multiple perspectives to make sure nothing has been missed. Hence giving them auto-editor privileges wouldnot only help to decrease the voting queue but also prevent some duplicate edits and speed up parts of their workflow.

Since they care a lot about data quality, they often come back to improve their earlier edits and are not afraid to stand up for their opinion. But in the end they always conform also to opposing community decisions nevertheless (as indicated by the many cancelled edits compared to the single downvoted edit).

Additionally they are helping to test (or “break” as they call it :wink:) new MBS and Picard features and report their findings (via this forum, because they refuse to use the ticket tracker for personal reasons, which we should accept).

Given all of the above, I had been wondering why nobody has already nominated them before. Had they already been asked but did not want to become an auto-editor?

Following the already mentioned failed election, I have talked with them about the subject. The essential result is that they said it would be handy to be an AE for some of the edits they do, but obviously they would also happily continue editing as a regular editor.
This way I’ve also found out that they have actually been asked the AE question several times before and that they responded the same way as they did to me. But after these replies no election ever happened and it felt like their replies were getting lost :disappointed:

However I’ve promised that I will finally go through with this, so here is your election @IvanDobsky:


IvanDobsky makes a huge amount of good and highly researched edits, and auto editor status for them would be a big boon to the site in most cases.

My concern is that sometimes they don’t seek wider community consensus on edits they will or already have done a lot of.

It’s a small percentage of edits, but in some cases the discussion has become meandering and unpleasant. If IvanDobsky comes on as an autoeditor I hope they can take this feedback on board and become more proactive in making 100% sure their auto-edits wont be disputed, or cause trouble down the line :pray:


The election has ended this weekend, congratulations @IvanDobsky :tada:

@reosarevok: Please email out the result, and update the AE group on Discourse to give our newly elect the chance to post in this sub-forum :slight_smile:


Congrats @IvanDobsky :tada: :star_struck: :tada:

You’ll be flying through your crazy in-depth editing projects now!!


Is this where I am supposed to put the long acceptance speech?

Thanks to all who voted. And extra thanks to the proposers and seconders. Much appreciated. :partying_face: :beers: