Auto-editor election: finalsummer

It’s not quite summer yet but I’m going to nominate @finalsummer anyway :slight_smile: (MB profile)

They’ve been a part of MB for almost a decade and over time seem to have gotten accustomed to the database, guidelines and its quirks.

They are more or less active on the forum and hang out on IRC. Occasionally participate but mostly seem to monitor what’s happening.

Lots of accepted edits and even more auto-edits. A couple weeks ago I’ve noticed that they upped their voting game, providing pointers or making follow-up fixes and No votes seem reasonable.

Now, for some this might seem a controversial choice as there is a considerable amount of voted down edits. Quite a few of them are either old, those I’m not concerned about or were part of other edits.
Where the guidelines were less clear they are arguing their case, not shying away from going the extra mile

For reference:


Congratulations @finalsummer

At the beginning the tally didn’t look so great and I wasn’t sure if I had to cancel the election but by the time @reosarevok sent out the mails many more votes came in. End result: 24 Yes, 3 No