Auto-editor election: darwinx0r

The last time Derwin was proposed for autoeditor was almost 10 years ago!
and it was also by me, heh.
Back then it was probably too early, but today is another story!

derwin/darwin edits in predominantly electronic, dj/house music, and looking at his stats Editor “darwinx0r” - MusicBrainz he has few downvoted edits.
He’s been an editor for over 10 years now and is active on irc and will happily discuss edits with anyone.
Votes are a bit low, but I’m sure we can encourage him to vote more (heavens knows I could vote more myself! ;))

the link is Auto-editor election #329 - MusicBrainz


Does anyone knows of a functional mailing list archive?

I wanted to check 2012 election discussions but no archives worked:

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I’m afraid the auto-editor (automods) mailing list was not as well archived as the other ones

Here is the discussion concerning darwin’s nomination:

Nabble is incomplete:


Another thing that could be improved is the edit notes which often are non existent. To understand the context you have to go and look at other edits and then guess what the source might be: (to be clear this is not all edits, just the “edit” edits minus the recording edits)


derwin has replied in the IRC channel: IRC Logs for #musicbrainz | MetaBrainz Chatlogs
(he can not reply in this AE thread)

Showing off my Discourse skills, quoting from this IRC link. :wink:


Definitely could use more edit notes, but re. other points:

  • I don’t think voting on edits is or should be a requirement for AE, though it’s nice for sure
  • slightly OT but country for artists - not necessarily
  • I don’t think import scripts need extra edit notes, as long as it includes the source which is what I’d expect in a manual edit note anyway

The only reason I would no vote is because of the lack of edit notes on some edits, but upon closer inspection these edits are either self-explanatory or are edits made by darwinx0r to a release they had recently imported themselves. So I wouldn’t expect an ‘oops’ comment on every one (I am also in this situation often : P). I usually look at edit history in the context of edits on an artist or release, not a user, so this works for me.

It’s their openness to feedback and regular discussion on IRC that swings it for me, valuable and flexible contributor :+1: