Auto-editor election: atj

It is my great pleasure to nominate atj for election as an auto-editor.

He has an excellent record of approved edits, with only 3 edits voted down as of this writing and almost 11,000 approved (plus another 82,900 automatically applied). I have found him to be well organized and takes a structured approach to editing. He provides good notes on his edits, and responds to comments by other editors. He does some voting on others’ edits, and provides feedback on MB when he sees edits with errors in one of his subscriptions.

In addition, atj is active in the unofficial MB Discord, where he tries to help and encourage a new generation of MB editors.

The election can be found at Auto-editor election #469 - MusicBrainz and still requires seconders.




Easiest vote ever. atj is not only a chill and respectful individual but also an editor who genuinely cares, helps new users in IRC, and maintains a really useful fork of atisket.

That, and he is the editor voted most likely to have already added a release I go to add, lol!


The voting has closed and I’m pleased to welcome atj as the newest member of the autoeditor group!


Congrats @atj, and nice one catching the omission @rdswift!


Many thanks to @rdswift for nominating me and everyone who voted.

I’d like to thank the following people (in no particular order) who have been extremely friendly and helpful over the years: