Auto-editor election: agatzk

It’s been a while since I last nominated someone.

Here comes @agatzk (MB profile): Auto-editor election #471

I still remember I first came across him when he was a newbie and barely registered for a month. I’m happy to see he is still around and has made quite the progress.

It’s been nearly 4½ years and he still doesn’t seem to have grown tired making tons of edits (more than 225,000, lots of them votable) and taken a liking to voting too.

The directness when he asked me to nominate him, it still gives me a chuckle.
I couldn’t grant him his wish back then but I think now the time is ripe.


Go agatzk! Cool to see all the voting too, will be helpful to have some of them be approvals.

Had a little browse and my only feedback is that there are a few minor edits that could do with a edit note/source (the occasional edit setting country, changing a title slightly, etc), but nothing critical.


Congratulations @agatzk, your wish has finally come true.


Thank you @chaban! I remember feeling silly after realizing the significance of my ask :smiley:

Thanks to all MetaBrainz contributors and community members. We have something very special around here and I appreciate it very much.