Auto-editor election #311: MetaTunes

Auto-editor election #311: @MetaTunes

(Their MusicBrainz profile.)

I’ve been eyeing @MetaTunes for a while as they’re a good contributor here on the forums. I don’t often come across them in edits (because we don’t really edit the same kind of music, I guess :slight_smile: ), but I’ve peeked at their editing history and they do good edits (I could personally wish for more fleshed out edit notes, but eh :man_shrugging:) and are responsive to edit notes and able and willing to engage in positive and constructive dialogue in said edit notes as well.

They’re also the author/developer of the “Classical Extras” Picard plugin, which (to me at least) shows that they have a pretty good understanding of how relationships and entities and the general data structure works together:

(@reosarevok ping: please send out mail. :slight_smile: )


A bit late, but… Congratulations @MetaTunes! Enjoy your new autoeditor privileges and be sure to check up on the Code of Conduct and its Auto-Editor section—esp. if it’s been a while since you last looked it over. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I’ve been very busy recently but plan to get back into MB this in a month or two.