Auto-accept edits to newly created release?


I recently created this release. It was kind of a manual and error-prone process because it involved 11 CDs (audiobook). Probably I did it wrong, so apologies if that’s the case.

I made some mistakes, which I then tried to correct with edits. But they don’t qualify as auto-edits.

Would it make sense to allow ALL edits to be considered auto-edits within a short time-span if the editor is also the original creator or the release?

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All further edits are auto, in this case, for a period of around 2 hours or 1 hour.
But recording edits are not auto, only release edits, including track edits.

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Ok thanks for the info! Kind of a bummer I have to wait a week to correct the track mistakes I made (it’s an audiobook, so there were 11 CDs) - I’ll browse the doc at some point and try to figure out if there is an easier/automated way to do this next time.

It seems that your further edits have been queued 1 hour and 1 minute after the release add edit.
So maybe you only get 1 hour for auto edits.
I tried to find the info but a link is missing (Edit Type) in the wiki:

I just went and approved your pending edits (except for one…) as well as did some clean-up as per the audiobook style guideline:

However, in general, corrections to a release are auto-edits for 1 hour after you have submitted the release, as @jesus2099 has said. After that hour, edits will be regular ones. For normal releases, it isn’t much of an issue, but for large releases like this (and many other audiobooks), I can see how it would be. :slight_smile: Feel free to come on IRC or create a topic asking for voters/auto-editor assistance if you need some edits to pass just a tad faster.

It seems that some edits are failing to get auto, though.
Like this pending Edit release (adding release event) at 08:56 on a release created, same day, same editor, in this Add release at 08:52.

There are some nesting issues with the method modifiers, so it doesn’t always work as intended.

I have created the ticket for tracking those nested issues. :wink:
Hope this action helps at least 1%.

+1 to the idea of auto-edit for whoever adds works, for a limited period.

It is now already the case. :slight_smile:

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Yeah but the period is only an hour, right? It was like 36 hours before I spotted my mistake :frowning:

As long as nobody reviewed the edits nor edited the entity, I agree to extend the period.


That makes sense to me!