Authorization request is on a loop?

I’m a relative noob on MusicBrainz. It appears like it could work miracles for my collection, I’m just trying to sort through a couple of issues. The one I’m having now is that after clicking “lookup” on a batch of about 300 unclustered files, I get a popup “Picard needs authorization to access your personal data on the MusicBrainz server. Would you like to log in now?” I select yes, it opens up the website and provides me with the token, I copy and past it into Picard… then it asks again. I did this 5 times and it’s still asking. It appears to want to do this for each song… as the job count in the lower right goes down each time I enter a token.

Mac OSX 10.14.5, Picard version 2.1.3

If there are many requests pending this could indeed happen. As the requests are already queued up they also miss the authentication details. Not sure if we could currently work around it.

I’d suggest you make sure to set the credentials in options and then try with only a single or at least a few files, if all is good you can continue with the whole set of 300 files.

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@elanvital it is not a loop ive had it happen to me if you do what outsidecontext has said then it should work if it doues not do it again and then restart picard before adding files

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I am frequently encountering this error, which requires “hundreds of clicks” in order to escape. (I’ve been using Picard for years.)

My authentication details were in when the program loaded, so this is some type of error handling issue.

If I click through the list, I can reload the albums manually, but getting to that point is highly tedious…

try removing you authentication details then relaunch Picard and add it again, if that douse not work do it again but relaunch Picard and then try adding a a song you know has been asking you for it if that douse not work come back here and update us

Make sure you are using the latest version 2.1.3 and not 2.1.0. if you are using 2.1.0 there is a bug that can trigger this for certain releases.

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Can you provide the output from the debug log in Help > View Error/Debug log when this happens?

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I logged out, restarted, and logged back in. The error hasn’t come up since.

I’ll post the log if I reproduce the problem. Thanks.


all good :wink: iv had the same problem before and iv yet to have it come back. im not sure what the makes it happen but the fix is pretty simple. :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen this bwfore… until now. … and found this thread. The version is 2.2.1.

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I think we really should make sure to show the dialog only once on authentication errors, and not once per failed request. I added a ticket for this:


If it means anything, all of a sudden, I’m getting this nearly endlessly.

Even if you bother to do the check, it still comes back with a red album, so it’s resort to clicking ( NO ) for a while until it gives up, drag all that back over to the left and start again.

if you log out in picard and log back in it should fix it.

If not we will need your debug log to help you like @outsidecontext said earlier in the post.

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I’m having this issue on 2.3.2 stable. It happens whenever I start doing Lookups whether I’m logged in or not. If I log out, exit and log back in, it still happens. If I log out and log in during one session, it happens. If I log out and log back in, and then start a new session, it still happens. Once I even managed to get into the settings menu and log out and log back in during the issue and it continued to happen.
I tried getting the logs but the boxes won’t stop coming so i can’t get the help menu to open and if i get too aggressive with clicking it’ll crash the program. If i try to check the logs in a new session, they’re fresh.
Using Windows 10 with 32gb of ram and a 24 thread processor.

Just started doing it for me on the latest version. (Literally just upgraded).

Simply terminating the Picard process and restarting it fixes it.

Just wanted to pop in here quick and say that for me, I have uBlock Origin running in my browser and it was messing with the OAuth. Allowing remote fonts for the website fixed this issue for me.

Hope that helps someone.

I found this thread while searching the forums as I am running into the same prompting again and again and again to login. I have followed the suggestions in the thread (log out & log in in preferences), but still continue being prompted. Trouble is, I can only get the pop-up and auth-code process to actually work every once in a while (like maybe 1 out of 20 attempts). When I receive the pop-up prompting login (even though the preferences says I am logged in), I click yes, copy the code returned from the website, and then paste the code in, only to have the application segfault. Oftentimes, even if I click ‘no’ the application segfaults as well. Currently running Version 2.6.4 on OSX.

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I should also follow up with, this is incredible software. Srsly, the sorting and fingerprinting makes this work feel like PFM (Pure f’n Magic)…so please do not think I am being critical. Overall a great experience. However, with over 250k mp3’s to get properly sorted…it’s been a bit cumbersome to have to keep repeating batch after batch because the software segfaults upon a login prompt.


Thanks for the report. A core dump when authenticating is something I haven’t heard any reports yet. Could you add a ticket for that on with some details on your macOS version and hardware?

I need to test this on my Mac and see if I can reproduce. You might also try our Picard 2.7.0 beta 1 if that works for you, as there have been some changes to the packaging and build. But I would actually recommend to wait for the beta 2 we want to put out next week.

If you use macOS 10.14 or later it would also be interesting if you’d try both builds we provide, the one for 10.12 or later and the one for 10.14 or later. As they are build with different library versions maybe one does not have the segfault issue. At least it could help narrowing down the problem.

Thanks for this, much appreciated :slight_smile:

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