Author and Composer

How can I search and insert author and composer of a song in the tags?


Are you using Picard?

You are going to need to check the albums in MusicBrainz database. Not all albums have those details included. Easy to add if you have the correct references to hand.

When the details are in the MusicBrainz database, then Picard will grab these details (and many more) and slap them into the tags.

Will Picard do this as standard or does some plug-in like Classical Extras need to be enabled first?

It is standard behaviour.

In my copy of Picard I haven’t gone into too many of the plugins. Didn’t really want to overload the tags in my files, and most of the plugins are very sparsely described in the manual.

The only plugins I have ticked are “Add cluster as release”, “Copy cluster to clipboard” and “Release type”.

I added “Release type” as I wanted to know if it was EP, Single, etc.

So nothing special done in Picard to bring in the excess of data available.

I don’t have too much classical music. Yet some of the bands I am into seem to have a huge depth of data added to a release. A random example would be Pink Floyd:

Look at track 7 - like many on here it is FLOODED with all kinds of extra data on everything from the lead sax to the tea boy. And all of that is going over to my files thanks to Picard.

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I should note that there are a big heap of plugins that are beyond confusing to me. Things like “Classical Extras” are among those that confuse me. The help files are too basic. Not going beyond a sentence or two to say what the plugin does. So I have generally shied away from adding too many of these.

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Picard should do it as standard, at least if MB has the details for the lowest level work.

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