Australasia missing from country list

Quite a few of my cds have a country of release as “Australasia”. Possibly even as high as a 1/3 of my 2000 CD collection.
As there is no such place in the country list, I have been adding these releases as “Australia”. I am now having second thoughts. Should I have been using multiple countries:- Australia, New Zealand, …& so on.
How do I put in a request for “Australasia” to be added to the country list?
Thanks on advance.


It’s not a country through. The only non-country region allowed for releases is Europe or Worldwide. I’ve asked for continents other than Europe and have gotten nowhere. I know there have been request for Benelux, Scandinavia, etc. as well. But there is a ticket

[AREQ-2367] Australasia - MetaBrainz JIRA


I think the problem is the list is a fixed one from a specific source. There is a similar issue with “EU” or “EEC”.

As Australia is the largest landmass I’d select that one but then type over Australasia. That way it makes it stand out as wider. That also means if they do ever add extra areas these can be located and converted. It is what many of us do with EU by renaming Europe.