Audiotree Release names

Going through Audiotree Live series, I found some release titles that differ from what seems (or in the past) to be the naming standard.

Majority use(snail mail just as example):
Audiotree Live - Snail Mail

More recent ones and some outliers use:
Snail Mail on Audiotree Live - Snail Mail

Which is the correct format? I want to say the former would be correct.

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Well, until official notice, I am going to proceed using Audiotree Live as release titles, as @chaban approved an edit for that:

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I’ve started to make a dent in the consistency of these release groups, but wanted your thoughts on a convention for cases where a single artist has multiple Audiotree Live performances.

I’ve seen two different ways to handle this so far:

  1. Some variant of “Session 2” in the title, e.g. here: Release “Dessa on Audiotree Live (session #2)” by Dessa - MusicBrainz
  2. Entering the session number as a disambiguation, e.g. here: Release “We Were Promised Jetpacks on Audiotree Live” by We Were Promised Jetpacks - MusicBrainz

I’m not a fan of 1 as it seems messy, is hard to make consistent, and isn’t actually the release name. 2 seems like a clean solution, but I’d like to get your thoughts.

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Awesome work! That’s a heck of an achievement, considering how many there are.

Hmm, that’s an edge case I hadn’t considered. The closest thing I can draw on is :

Additional information on a release or track name that is not part of its main title, but intended to distinguish it from different releases or tracks with the same main title (such as version/remix names or live recording info), should be entered in parentheses after the main title.

Or potentially series numbering format from Style / Titles - MusicBrainz