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i am trying to fix the tags on my audio books and am have a bit of a problem. i tried to use the the default setting as i am very new like 2 day in to using this software and that turned out to not work well. i was hoping someone might share there naming script or point me to a repository of generic scripts i might use. sorry if this is a a dumb question but i searched and couldn’t find the answer and am very new to this

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What are you trying to do? and where is it not doing what you are expecting?

Picard is designed to look up an entry in the database and use this information to tag your recordings.

If the audio book is not in the database please consider adding the information to make it easier for yourself and the next person to tag their files.
There is a Audio book style guide with the basic idea that the artist should be “Author” read by “narrator”.


well my tags are all incomplete, the files names are all in different formats and the folder structure are all different. i just want everything formatted the same. right now if i run picard with the default setting it puts the narrator as the name of the folder and a few other formatting errors. i was just hoping some one would tell me what they put in there naming field

i know you probably think i am lazy for just asking for what someone elses setting are instead or figuring it out my self but i have spent the last 3 days learning the software and renaming my massive music collection so far i am 60,000 files in to my 150,000 file music collection and at this point i just wanted to try to take the easy way out and ask for someone elses setting as i still have at lest 2,000 audio books to do next as well as the remaining 90,000 music files to fix. i guess i was hoping someone would take pity on me.

There aren’t that many audiobooks in the MB database, so I’m guessing you are grouping things in Picard and then hitting ‘Save’? Rather than using ‘scan’ or ‘lookup’?

If that’s the case, it is applying the default script to the existing tags on the files. For instance, if the narrator is in the ‘Album’ tag field, or ‘Artist’ field, it will probably use it to create folders. Is this correct?

Picard isn’t ideal for that kind of thing - it works best when you can look up the release in the database, and save the correct tags from that, and then it applies the script, making sure that everything is uniform.

That said, I’m sure people will take pity regardless :stuck_out_tongue:
But you have to give a better indication of what steps you’re doing and what you want your files to look like.

Or you might find a perfect script that already does what you want here:


You’ll need to give us some examples of the Audiobooks you are having problems with. There are plenty of audiobooks here, but sometimes the methods change as to how they are uploaded. So the database itself may not be giving you the consistency you require.

Pop-up some examples and it will be easier to give you a better answer.


i am trying to get the folder layout to be “contributing artists, album, album artist” so that would make the author the main folder name and the sub folders would then be book title then narrator

i have no idea what i am doing but this is all i have bin able to get working

$if($gt(%totaldiscs%,1),%discnumber%-,)$if($and(%albumartist%,%tracknumber%),$num(%tracknumber%,2) ,)$if(%_multiartist%,%artist% - ,)%title%

but that only gives me book names and authors folders i am trying to get a 3rd folder for narrator