Attempting to Modify FLAC Tags Results in Red X (Failure)

I’ve been attempting to modify FLAC tags all day, only to constantly get faced with a failure to update the tags on FLAC files. I know that FLAC uses either VORBIS or something functionally identical.

I need some help understanding how to go about tagging these FLAC files.

(I have both FLAC and MP3 files of these songs. The MP3s take well to the tags, but the FLAC files do not)

We need to know what error exactly is happening. Please have a look at Help > View error/debug log for any error message.

Ideally you should enabled “Debug” log level in the error log dialog, restart Picard, try saving one of the affected files to trigger the error, then share the full log output from the log dialog here.

@SerpantWolf Some tagging formats save all tags, some only (currently) save the ones defined as de-facto standard by that format. It is unclear from your post whether this is the issue or instead whether tags are failing to save at all - either way, the debug/error log suggested by @outsidecontext Philipp is what is needed to advise further.