Assistance with file naming string

Edit: All issues with the renaming string have been resolved. I have found it necessary to restart picard and explorer.exe periodically. Now on to learning what I need to know about the scripting.

Edit: This is my latest string: Most issues have been resolved after experimenting. I shall return.

/%albumartist%/%album%/%albumartist% - %album% - %discnumber% - $num(%tracknumber%,2) - %title%

The Examples box below states the resulting name will be:

D:\Music\The Beatles - 1 - 07 - Ticket to Ride.mp3

The rename event results indicate %artist% is used and no padding is added on %tracknumber%:

D:\Music\The Beatles Feat. Big Star - 1 - 7 - Ticket to Ride.mp3

So my explorer windows is like this:


and this:


In my tags over the years I forced myself to use a single artist name in the %albumartist% field,
and the longer, more specific artist featuring and/or starring name in the %artist% field for a cleaner
windows explorer experience. Often the listening experience begins in explorer before transitioning to Media Monkey or PotPlayer.

This is my first month into Picard transitioning from Mp3Tag. How does the experienced Picard user modify this string to accomplish the goal?

Continuing to experiment. Behavior is improving, mine and Picard’s.

I don’t understand why the functions of Picard do not function as documented. I suspect I’m just not insightful enough.

To help in troubleshooting I have two instances of Python installed. I am also using qBittorrent and QuiteRSS.

I had that same issue about a week and half ago, where it was throwing every featured artist into a separate folder. I went to ft. years ago than Feat. because some music had 5-7 artist featured on them. and cut them off due to length.

in my user script I was told to use

$if2(%albumartist%,%artist%)/$if($ne(%album%,[non-album tracks]),%album%/)%title%