Artwork type: J-Card

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I’m shocked to find that it has not place at all among up to a dozen images found under a release.[/quote]

The policy is quite simple, MB isn’t a repository for fan made images (or other ‘homebrew’ data).
Although this might seem shocking when you have some personal tagging standards that are shared by a lot of other people (but yet are still personal preferences), I’m sure you can imagine that there’s a lot of different pictures and edits that individual users might want to make and upload. Perhaps I prefer black and white covers? Perhaps I want to crop it into a triangle? Why should I not be able to upload those as well? etc

I feel like we’ve already hit a certain middle ground by setting release group pictures, which is usually the most tagger friendly picture.
Perhaps we can make it a bit easier to tag using these pictures though? I think the functionality currently is just to use these if your specific release picture isn’t available, but not sure.

I’m not against the idea of formatting images for your preferences, and even sharing them, but a concrete solution on how to integrate this would be nice. I don’t really want to see fan pics just uploaded with the rest, and I don’t think that’s very practical for anyone else (including you?) either, especially if it’s not the first picture anyway, and wont be automatically tagged with.

  • Perhaps the option to upload images to the release group specifically, in a new ‘edited’ picture category?
  • Perhaps even an ‘auto square’ crop setting for tagging, where it crops pictures automatically (this sounds pretty straightforward, though I’m sure it will miss the mark, as automation often does, but it would at least be consistent)?
  • A way to link to a site like ‘albumartexchange’ or some other resource and tag with that?

If the digital image is exactly the same as the physical media, just better quality (eg the print source), I don’t see how this is relevant to the discussion. It perfectly represents the in hand release, which a crop doesn’t. If the digital image is even slightly different to the physical one, eg font size or placement is a few pixels off, you can remove it if you like.
To be fair I also think that sometimes a good scan should trump these pictures (because I’m fussy in that way), but I don’t think it’s outrageous that they don’t, I see the rationale.

Looking forward to hearing constructive thoughts from you and others!


This one is coming with a comment saying so.
Sorry, I should not have voted no but just should have added a comment.
I just thought you would have uploaded the CD alon, instead…
But at the same time, it would be a pity that we would be starting having only CD with foreign trays… as it is not really needed for the scan, just let the lid open when scanning, no?

So, is there some consensus that can be reached? The little flap technically is at the back, but at the same time I would assume most people would rather want to see the “booklet” (backside of the front image) as back image. And I could also see people classifying the flap as spine.

from 波動 on Mercari

This is the back of a normal slim jewel case packaging (Medium + Booklet + Back + maybe also Tray?).

It includes:

  • CD label
  • J-card small flap
  • Booklet back-side

So if you upload a flat scan of the whole J-card, it is Front + Spine + Back, IMO.

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