Artists with multiple IPI numbers

There’s currently a discussion at edit #46575719 that reminded me we haven’t really discussed this issue. When we added the ability to use artist credits on ARs, the style guidelines were updated to take advantage of the new capability, rendering obsolete the old practice of adding a new artist entity for every alternate name (with a limited exception for names that constitute separate musical projects). One issue with this is sometimes artists will have different Interested Party Information (IPI) numbers assigned for different variants on their name. We have the capability to store more than one IPI number on an artist, but no way to mark which name variant matches with what number. The solution implied in the edit I posted above is to create a new artist entity for every differing IPI, but this flies in the face of existing style guidelines. What path should be taken in such a circumstance?

Personally I just have the 1 artist with all the writing credits and holding all the ipi numbers.
There are a few entries with 4 or 5 ipi numbers so having 2 is not that uncommon.

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Legal names (under alias) could have a box for IPIs?

I proposed something like that a while back (an ability to tie IPIs to aliases) but was told it wouldn’t work with the current schema.

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I’ve seen many times cases where different IPIs are assigned to variants of a name like Name Surname vs. N. Surname (which seem non-intentional and just a mess). For cases where the choice of separate IPIs seems intentional, I’d list the info in the annotation for now.