Artists showing in site search but not API search

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Relatively new to the API, so not sure if I’m missing something obvious.

Trying to populate a table of Artists with their MBIDs. It’s working OK, apart from the odd few that don’t seem to be matching.

Dug into it a bit more, and I’m seeing stuff like this:

Page – 5 results

API – 0 results

Am I using the search API right? It worked fine for something like 180 of the 200 artists I’m importing, I just can’t see a reason why the rest are coming back blank.


Also: – 1 result – 0 results

Posting separately because I don’t have a high enough community score to post more than 2 links at once :slight_smile:


This name attribute does not exist:


Ah good spot. My mistake, that was actually a typo :-/

Turns out the underlying reason was a spelling mistake. When I pasted “Barshaketh” into the MusicBrainz site it fuzzy searched and found the correct spelling (Barshasketh vs Barshaketh). The API doesn’t seem to pick that up.

Thanks for you help


Now in Lucene, fuzzy search is like this: artist:Barshaketh~. :slight_smile: