Artists Names that have all Upper/Lower Case

By chance, does anyone have a list of Artists that have specific punctuation. For example, UB40, 2Pac, etc. I have a program I use to format my music and want to try and catch as many exceptions as possible. Thanks for your help!! :upside_down_face:

Such a list is nearly impossible.

The main reasons are:
a) No one has a complete list about β€œall” artists in the world
b) No one can say for sure if an imprint on a release cover is just a fancy design joke or really the origin artist intent
c) Even if you find that 2Pac should be written with lower case β€œac” in general, you can not be absolutely sure if the artist wanted his name written as - for one or more specific releases - 2PAC or 2pac or 2PaC.

What you can do:
Check your own existing artists here on MusicBrainz how he/she write the name currently.

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