Artistic director vs Music director (orchestra)

The artistic director relationship is defined as “a person is, or was, the artistic director of a group (e.g. a ballet/opera company).” Can I use this for music directors for orchestras or should I request a new relationship?

Is music director in this case different from just “principal conductor”? Some orchestras seem to just use the two as equivalents, while others have the music director be closer to an artistic director. I don’t think a new relationship is needed, anyway, but we might want to document this a bit better as needed.

According to Berklee, an orchestra’s music director has three roles: principal conductor, artistic director, and community arts leader. Should we use relationships tag a person as both the principal conductor and artistic director when they fulfill both roles? This way, we can deal with orchestras that have separate people doing the roles and those that have a single person doing them.


I think that makes sense, I’m just not sure if music director always implies all of the roles.

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Yes. I guess the solution is to look at how each role is defined for individual orchestras and add the appropriate relationships. For example, if the music director for Orchestra X does the job of an artistic director and the principal conductor, we should add both the artistic director and principal conductor relationships. If the music director only does either of those jobs, only insert one relationship.