Artist Works in music brainz website and database gives different result

I have setup musicbrainz database alone in my local machine. And when i search for a particular artist and work For example for the artist Snoop Dogg I am getting only 58 results. The query used is

from artist
inner join l_artist_work
inner join work
where ILIKE '%Snoop Dogg%'

The result obtained in pgadmin is attached here

But when looked at the musicbrain website there are around 320 items listed

Why the difference in number when searched from database and music brainz website.
One of my assumption is that – a work of an artist is considered as his if he is a part in writing of that work (Specified as writers for work in MB website in the image i shared above). If this is correct, then how can I pull those data also ie, not just 58 but complete 320 for snoop dogg and others too just like showing in MB website

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Yes, what you have is the works as a writer (so, the result of this filter).

The as-a-performer ones we get with this query so that should be of help :slight_smile:


Thank you so much @reosarevok :slightly_smiling_face: