Artist Url relation

is there any way to get artist url relations in search api?
as in artist lookup we van get url-relations by include inc=url-rels, but i want to get url-rel in search api.

or if any api available to get artist image?

i search on discogs they send artist image in api response, any idea form where they provide artist image?

As far as I can tell, no, there isn’t. You’d need to find the artist you want, and then make a lookup query including url-rels. From there, you can take the Wikidata URL and use that to get a Commons image.

Is the question where their images come from? AFAICT they store them themselves, not sure about the legal status of that.

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Discogs is just like MB in that the images are sourced from the users uploading their own scans. As they are operating as a “shop” I guess that is how they get round the legal issues. A major part of that website is about selling the releases, and therefore the scans are exact images of the product for sale.

The fact that many members there just document their own collections (like I do) may well be more legally dubious. I am not a lawyer.

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okay, thanks for the info. Do you know any api, which can provide artist image by mbid?

do you have the api url, please?