Artist & Title join phrases for mashups to get info into database

I’ve read the Style: Remixes and mashups guide, but I’m not sure how to handle a song that is a mashup of two or more releases.

Specifically, I listen to a lot of (single file) DJ mixes and create a lot of cue sheets (to break the single file into the individual songs/tracks) that I use to listen to the mixes with on Foobar2000 and Poweramp. Often there are songs that a DJ has mixed together “live” (mashed together if you like), thus it has no release; it’s been “made” on the fly. However, the Artist and Title are from actual releases and as such could (should?) be added to listening stats database.

A current example:
Lil’ Louis / Rhythm Controll / Gat Decor - French Kiss / My House (Acapella) / Passion

There are three songs here that could be “scrobbled” individually (3 Artists and 3 Titles) and added to the listening info, but no matter the joiners I use - / or vs. etc - the Artist and Title are not recognised/resolved and are left as per the data sent to ListenBrainz from the cue sheet.

There may perhaps be a simple answer to this: ListenBrainz only resolves songs that are in the MusicBrainz database. For example, the 2manydjs - No Fun vs. Push It (The Stooges vs. Salt-N-Pepa) is resolved as it’s in the database being part of their As Heard on Radio Soulwax, Part 2 release.

If that is currently the case, is that an unmoveable feature?
I would’ve thought going by the aforementioned/linked Mashup Style guide, that if the vs. joiner was used and ListenBrainz receives it, it would’ve been able to resolve it and record the multiple songs being played.

Hope that makes sense.