Artist series -> awards style


One of the things coming this schema change (next Monday) is artist series, and those are planned to include a separate series subtype for (artist) awards.

I thought I would try to get ahead and already start a discussion on how these should be handled.

I see three main issues:

  1. how do we treat awards that have multiple prizes (so, ones that specifically give, say, gold/silver/bronze rather than having one only winner and x nominees).
  2. how do we deal with nominees, for that matter (same series but indicated differently? or different series linked to the other one?).
  3. how do we join together related awards in general (“Top Artist”, “Top New Artist”, “Top Female Artist” etc for the Billboard Music Awards, for example). A new relationship? And if so, what kind of entity should be the Billboard Music Awards themselves? A series with no linked parts using the subseries relationship to link to all the specific prizes?

From IRC…

reosarevok> Any (helpful) comments on Artist series -> awards style would be appreciated
Lotheric> I just use the # attribute combined with year
Lotheric> see
Lotheric> it’s kinda like tracknumbers in tracklists
Lotheric> you can put what you want in there
reosarevok> I said on the post :wink:
reosarevok> Hoping to start a discussion

1 & 2: Relationship attributes, perhaps? I think not putting those in the same series is going to present issues similar to the eponymous bands situation. I’d find it easier to have all of that information on the same page, perhaps with some UI tweaks to enable displaying only those that have a given attribute. The # attribute would work for this, but it’d be nice to have separate attributes for that. That leads to another question, though: Would these attributes be predefined, or free-text?

3: Having a pseudo-series with subseries to the specific prizes makes sense to me, and seems to be the simplest solution. But would it then be

Billboard Music Awards
  -[subseries]->Billboard Music Awards 2020
     -[subseries]->Billboard Music Awards 2020 Top Artist
       -[part (winner)]->Artist 1
       -[part (nominee)]->Artist 2


Billboard Music Awards
  -[subseries]->Billboard Music Awards Top Artist
    -[part (winner, 2020)]->Artist 1
    -[part (nominee, 2020)]->Artist 2
    -[part (winner, 2019)]->Artist 3

For the first option, are the deepest nested series really “series” though? Alternatively, a series group would make a bit more sense instead of an empty series linked to subseries. Or a series of series? That all seems a bit convoluted though.