Artist Release Search

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I want to get all the releases for a particular artist by “artist mbid” where releases must be only in CD format, how can I do that by API?

ws/2/release/?limit=20&offset=0&fmt=json&query=arid:15856215-cc51-4423-879c-9ac955ccb11a format:CD&dismax=false

i am using this api but got 1146441 release_count which is not correct it should be only 29.

… weird, because the results seem to be correct, other than release_count. Probably a bug of some sort?

no result is not same there are also listing of releases having format= digital media…and the number of results is much more…

Ooh, sorry, now I saw it. You were missing & between the arid and format. This seems to work?

but still digital format is there.
then what is use of format:cd

… I’m an idiot. It’s not & but " AND ". I think now it’s right?"CD"&dismax=false