Artist relation types in API results

I’m looking for a list of possible values for the “type” attribute of artist relationships returned by the API. Specifically, I’m rewriting some code from python-musicbrainz2 to python-musicbrainzngs and found these values changed. For example, I’ve seen that “Composer” is now “composer” and “PerformingOrchestra” is now “performing orchestra”. Can anyone point me to documentation or code with a definitive list? Thanks.

You want the relationship page then :slight_smile:

So, for example, if I click on Artist-Recording on that page, I would be looking at the text before the “(more)” link?

I think so, yeah (although I haven’t checked that myself - I’d suggest using their UUID instead)

I suppose I could use the UUID, though it makes the code harder to read and maintain. Thanks.

Better use the relationship type UUID since the name may change over time.

I understand the risks, thanks.