Artist Dailymotion channels?

Is there a reason Dailymotion links aren’t allowed for artists under “video channels”? I’ve come across someone who curates their own, seemingly mirroring the YouTube account (I haven’t yet checked for any videos exclusive to one or the other), and while I can add the link under “stream for free”, it seems like it would be better under the other. I’d fully understand if a decision was made to exclude the site, but I wanted to ask just in case it’s simply “there’s been no call to add it yet”.

By “not allowed” do you mean not autoselected, or if you try to enter it you get an error message?

Probably a good thing to specify. When adding it as a new link, I get the red text below the box saying “This URL is not allowed for the selected link type, or is incorrectly formatted” and the “Enter edit” button is disabled. Weirdly, when I pulled Evdog back up to double-check just now, I was able to switch the dropdown by the Dailymotion link (already added as “stream for free”) over to “video channel” without either error-prevention method occurring and save the page, and now the link is showing up perfectly happily on the relationships list with the new header, even though I still can’t add it directly to other artists. That seems like it could be a rather problematic exploit.

@yvanzo, there’s probably a ticket to be added from here :wink: (probably to autoselect artist dailymotion to channel rather than stream?)

Yes, there are even two issues.

  1. The bug encountered by @WovenTales with “video channel” link type: It currently allows links to Vimeo only. This is because it was originally named “Vimeo” but the restriction has not been removed at the same time. Reported as MBS-9290.

  2. The improvement requested by @reosarevok: Dailymotion links could be automatically set and restricted to “video channel”/“streaming for free” types. Reported as MBS-9291.

As for the trick that allows to bypass link type validation/auto-selection afterwards, it is a known but not severe issue, there are even improvement requests to make it straightforward. It is mainly an helper/moderation feature. Truly blocking validation would need to be server-side.

Thanks for those! And I was mostly thinking about it being a way around the lyrics whitelist; relatively easy to fix if someone uses it to add a site that’s not on there, but with the change being an autoedit, there’s no guarantee when a knowledgeable editor will come across it.

Even then, if this workaround is used to sneak unwanted URLs in, they can always be found programmatically later on, for instance with MBS-9080.

Shouldn’t be a problem, then. Thanks again!