Artist crediting order: cover vs metadata?

Every now and then I get really on my head about which order I should follow when there are two or more artists credited on a release.

For example, would you enter this release as “Romero Ferro, Danny Bond & DJ Zullu” exactly like it is on Apple Music (and other platforms) or as “DJ Zullu, Danny Bond & Romero Ferro” like it is on the cover?


I follow the cover, not a shop.

If I know more about the release I’ll also consider who is “leading” the project.


I usually follow the cover order. I assume that the person who designed the image put more thought and effort into it than the person who typed the names into a text field (although in this case, maybe they just went with that order to match the photo…). :thinking:


it depends on the shop for me. if it’s something like a small artist on their personal Bandcamp where i’m pretty confident the artist typed out the artist credit themself, i’ll go with that & assume they just thought the different credits looked prettier on the cover.

but i’m a little more inclined to go with the cover if it was just released to a store with their own guidelines & ways of doing things like Apple Music.


It does seem like Romero Ferro is the lead since the song is copyrighted to him

how about this one?

looking at the cover it should be “Ex:Re” and “12 Ensemble”. digital platforms however also credit “Josephine Stephenson” as an additional main artist while “Apple Music” excludes “12 Ensemble”.

is there some guideline? right now I would go by what the cover states.

Probably just “Ex:Re with 12 Ensemble” for both title and artist. Ex:Re with 12 Ensemble – Projects / Collaborations – Josephine Stephenson suggests Josephine was the arranger and she should be credited as such.

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